filedrawers - web-based file management


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The mfile website runs an ITCS-developed software package named filedrawers. This is a web-based file manager which talks to an AFS filesystem back-end with waklog.

File Drawers is developed primarily with php, extensively using javascript for the interface, and C for file uploads. We have plans to extend it to handle other file systems, but would appreciate contributions of effort.

Unfortunately, the source code is immature, and not ready to serve as a generic web-based file manager. The source contains a large number of graphics, hooks, and links which are specific to the University of Michigan computing environment. Creating a non-umich version is a substantial ongoing project. If this project is compelling to you, then we invite to help.

The filedrawers source code is now available for download under an open source license. Bug tracking, feature requests, forums and mailing lists are available through Source Forge.

Please send us feedback.

mfile screenshot

Online documentation is available for mfile.

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