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Filedrawers is dependent upon several layers of software. It's designed to run on a linux/unix operating system to manage files on an OpenAFS file system. Our installation is running Apache 2.2.x, and php 5.x.

In addition:

Anonymous CVS

The latest release of the filedrawers source code is 0.4.3. To check out the sources, use the following command for login:

cvs login

The password for user anonymous is blank, or ''.

cvs -z3 co -P filedrawers

First, build the filedrawers PECL extension.
In addition to the Fileinfo PECL extension, you must also install the filedrawers PECL extension. The filedrawers PECL extension is in the pecl directory in the filedrawers source code.

  cd pecl
  make clean
  make install

The filedrawers PECL extension should be copied into your PHP extensions directory automatically.

Next, build the filedrawers core source code.
Below is a sample of how we've built the source code for our mfile service. Your commands will differ:

./configure \
--prefix=/usr/local/projects \
--with-project_name=mfile \
--with-service_name="" \
--with-service_url="" \
--with-secure_service_url="" \
--with-error_url="" \
--with-install_group=staff \
--with-db_host='db_name' \
--with-db_name='db_username' \
--with-db_user='db_user' \

make clean
make install

We're sharing the Apache configuration file that we use to host the mfile service. Our MySQL database schema is in the docs directory of the filedrawers source code.

If you have a patch to submit, please send it to

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